Plane crash kills 6 in Somalia


(Berdaale) 04 May 2020 – Six people are dead when African Express airjet crashed in Bardaale town of the Somalia’s southwest Bay region this afternoon, government spokesman Ismael Mukhtar Omar told me through WhatsApp call.

“The cause of the accident is yet unclassified,”he says.

The plane took off Baidoa airport in the same region shortly before the crash.

Local media speculated that the accident might have been caused by missile from the Ethiopian troops.

The plane was about to land at Bardaale airport at the time of the accident. Pictures circulated on the social media showed terrible wrecked pieces of the plane.

Among them one pilot and his co-pilot. The plane was carrying medical items intended to help prevent COVID-19 spread.

It was carrying medical items from ICRC according to the spokesman.

“We are trying to establish more information on the accident,” he said.

Ethiopian troops under AU forces and Somali forces operate in the area fighting against the Islamist militants, Al-Shabaab group.

By Mohamed Odawa

Hadalsame Media

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