New Era of First Doughters: Is Somali Federal Government Really Fighting Corruption?


The cabinet meeting of the Federal Government of Somalia, chaired by Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre, has concluded with the approval of crucial labor laws.

This legislative proposal was proposed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and endorsed significant changes in the labor conditions and rights of both government employees and private company workers, as stated in the government’s press release.

Additionally, the Cabinet also ratified the National Planning, Budgeting, and Economic Development Agency, consisting of six members. The agency’s main objective is to streamline the functioning of the institution and improve its economic planning capabilities.

The approved cabinet decisions were aimed at ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for employees within the institution and aligning the agency’s establishment with legal requirements.

Furthermore, among the appointees to the National Planning Committee was Ms. Xabiibo Sheekh, who is the daughter of the Speaker of the Parliament under Sheikh Adan Madoobe. Her appointment has sparked debates in political circles and some social media platforms, with some applauding it as a progressive step towards gender representation, while others raised concerns about her experience and suitability for the position in a country marred by corruption and nepotism.

In light of this, the cabinet meeting also addressed various issues concerning national security, taxation, sports, and religious affairs, as well as providing updates from the Ministries of Internal Security, Finance, and Religious Affairs.

It is evident that the government is actively working to tackle the country’s pressing challenges and create a conducive environment for its citizens’ well-being.

The decisions taken during this meeting don’t signify the commitment of the Federal Government of Somalia towards achieving better governance and ensuring inclusive representation across various sectors of the country.

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