Nasra Abuukar: A Rising Star or Failed Athletic?


Nasra Abuukar is a 20-year-old, born in 2003 in the city of Mogadishu, where she completed her early education. Currently, she is enrolled at the University of Mogadishu, aiming to pursue higher education and contribute to Somalia’s educational landscape.

Nasra does not have a formal training from the past, but somehow the president of the Somali Athletics Association, Khadiija Aadan Daahir, was impressed by her exceptional athletic abilities and nominated her to represent the country in the 100-meter race, but Nasra is now in hot water.

The World University Games attract numerous students from various countries, and they are awarded based on merit. This inclusion of Nasra in the delegation to represent Somalia reflects the efforts of the Somali Athletics Association to carefully select and train athletes as Khadiija highlighted, “We enrolled her at the University of Mogadishu, but she competes on behalf of Somalia. She was selected for the World University Games.”

Despite Nasra’s lack of prior notable achievements, Khadiija emphasized that potential matters, saying, “Anyone who has the potential can be enrolled,” as she explained why Nasra was chosen for the event.

Nasra is a university student and not an experienced athlete. Yet, she has been preparing for two years to participate in the competition, following the guidance of Khadiija Aadan Daahir, the president of the Somali Athletics Association.

Hadalsame Media