”Oo ma dhakhaatiir baa joogta!?” – Arag sida ay Kenyaanku uga falceliyeen warka sheegaya inay Somalia dhakhaatiir u direeyso Talyaaniga!


(Nairobi) 30 Maarso 2020 – Warqaadka The Nation ee dalka Kenya ayaa ka mid ah warbaahinta wax ka qortay war sheegaya inay Somalia 20 dhakhtar u direeyso Talyaaniga oo uu ka saa’id caleeyey caabuqa coronavirus (Covid-19).

“20-ka dhakhtar durba waa laga diiwaan geliyey Talyaaniga, waxaana la filayaa inay la howgalaan dhakhaatiirta caalamka ka timid si ay Talyaaniga uga caawiyaan xakamaynta coronavirus,” ayaa warka lasii daba dhigay.

Yeelkeede, dadwaynaha Kenyan-ka ayaa la yaab kusoo dhoweeyay warkan oo ay qaarkood amaaneen, halka ay qaar kale jees jees iyo yaraysi uga fal celiyeen.

Qaar baa xitaa xifaaladu la gudubtey oo sheegay ”inay dhakhaatiirtu ama goyn doonaan ama is qarxin doonaan.”

Halkan hoose ka eeg:

Eon D Gid You can now see how stupid some Kenyans can be from this thread. We have the worst services but you still find it hard to believe other countries can have something much better. No wonder we seriously need a change, but some people think we don’t

If I may ask what’s the problem?? Somalia sending doctors or the fact that the doctors are from Somalia??

David Mugo It’s good to note somali is sending doctors abroad though their cultural provision has been sending bombers across boarders

Diego Wa Mary The best doctors you will ever come across are Somalian.They are dedicated to their work. There was one who was at Gatundu hospital and he was very dedicated.

Situma Peter Thou, Tough times call for tough decisions, Italy has invited more trouble. Once those doctors are through, they will bomb those hospitals, kill those who were healed and destroy their comm network. 😭😭

Kodera Jm Well done Somalia. A friend in need is a friend in deed. Right now Italy needs help however small. A life will be saved as a result. Kudos.

True Son We applaud our neighbours. However small its a good gesture to Humanity!!

Anthony Freshmalah After delivering their aid they will disappear into thin air or seek asylum.

Knoewsen Irungu Amazing! It is not how much you give but the willingness to help. It has a very positive impact to Italy.

MdingMeen Randhal Arier Those are not doctors but scammers who will not only con Italians in Covid 19 combat but also seek others avenues of refusing to come back to Somalia.

Michael Kipsang something good from war torn country.US should learn something.

Christopher Munene They are taking advantage to run from alshababs territories.even me I might be in action cause infront I see totol darkness in Kenyan economy

Malenga Mzizimu That’s what we call humanity..However small it is Good is pleased..Hawana CORONA cases nyingi na hazitaongezeka so

Michael Kurgat Can’t believe so even Somalia have such qualified doctors?


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