DANAB teaches us loyalty to our country


(Mogadishu) 27 April 2019 – Danab, the Somali Special Forces are true Somali loyal soldiers (1) Their cause is their country (2) They are willing to live and die for Somalia and througly devoted themselves to its preservation (3) They express their devotion in sustained and practical way every day; we see them facing off with suicide bombers and clearing terrorists from hotels, buildings, villages and towns.

The possibility of dying for Somalia is in every mission they are called for. They don’t complain, they don’t tell us in facebook posts, they just do their duty and at the end of the day, go to their bases and wait for the next call of duty.

Their loyalty and devotion are their own will, they are not co-erced, forced or bribed to do it, it is their choice, freewill and volunteer effort. Their loyalty is practical. We see it everyday, clearing maniacal sucicidal terrorists from hotels, restaurants, villages and mosques.

The people’s affection or the hate of the terroists do not sway them either way. They are heroes who suppress their desire for normal life, and pleasures for higher cause. Their self-control, principles and moral character are without parallel in the modern Somali army. They are men who do not follow their impulses nor swayed by position, tribal, petty politics and bribery.

Their cause is very simple one to to see Somalia free, prosperours, strong, standing tall and respected around the world. When I asked a Danab soldier why he does what he does he said “Because (1) my country needs my service and (2) we owe it to serve and (3) it is our duty to do it and (4) we believe in it.

My dear Somali reader, it is very easy to point the finger something you don’t approve off, it is very easy to put a page in your Facebook page, it is very easy to criticize without providing a solution, it is very easy to forward unsubstantiated and mostly false media through whatsapp. In fact, it is too easy to be an opposition, what is hard is to be a loyal, hardworking to your country. Are we loyal to our country?

What do we live for? What is our duty to our country? What is the true good we need for our country? Do we believe good and evil? What good we must do for our country and what evil we must stop happening to our country?

What should we tell our parents, teachers, spouses, and society about our country? What is our duty toward our country? What must we do to serve it?

What reasons do we must give ourselves to serve our country? What do we must discard, stop and abondon such as petty politics, seeking positions, name, and bribery to serve our country like Danab Special Forces?

By: Ali Osman
[email protected]

Hadalsame Media

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