Unraveling the Maze of Corruption: Is Somalia Serious About a Determined Path Towards Transparency and Accountability?


(Hadalsame) 23 July 2023 – In a nation where the specter of corruption has long overshadowed its potential for progress, Somalia’s government is now poised to embark on a transformative journey toward genuine transparency and accountability. Amidst a history plagued by political instability and institutional fragility, this war-torn country is mustering the courage to confront the deep-rooted challenge head-on.

As its leaders pledge to root out corruption, the world watches closely, hopeful that a new chapter in Somalia’s governance is about to unfold. This article delves into the nation’s efforts, challenges, and resilience driving their pursuit of a corruption-free future.

The Somali government had been making efforts to combat corruption, but the effectiveness of their actions and their seriousness in fighting corruption may vary depending on the specific context and time frame.

Historically, Somalia has faced significant challenges related to corruption, and it has been listed among the most corrupt countries in the world by various corruption perception indices. Corruption has undermined the country’s governance, economic development, and security.

Efforts to fight corruption in Somalia have involved initiatives such as establishing anti-corruption agencies, implementing transparency measures, and enhancing accountability. Additionally, international partners have provided support to strengthen governance and institutional capacities to combat corruption.

However, progress in combating corruption in any country can be slow and complex, influenced by political, economic, and social factors. Factors such as weak institutions, lack of resources, political instability, and deeply ingrained corruption networks can hinder effective anti-corruption measures.

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