Somali government imposes new visa requirment on Kenyans arriving in Somalia


(Nairobi) 07 Dec 2020 – The Somali Immigration and Nationality Agency has officially introduced new measures that will apply to Kenyan citizens traveling to Somalia.

This move which comes effect on December 15th, demands from every Kenyan citizen who is traveling to Somalia to take a visa before hand, which could be taken from the Somali embassies in the world.

Meanwhile, Kenyans holding Diplomatic Passports are required to obtain a permit from the Somalia’s Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The scheme will not affect Kenyan citizens holding residency permits in the country.

It is the first time such a permit has been issued for thousands of Kenyans working in Somalia, as Somalis face difficulties traveling to Kenya too, with the exception of those with foreign passports.

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