Asphalt paved Berbera-Hargeisa re-opens


(Berbera) 01 June 2020 – Asphalt paved Berbera-Hargeisa road has been re-opened by President of Somaliland, Mr. Bihi Bihi.

The new modern road is important for connecting cargo and other essential goods arriving from Berbera Port to Hargeisa and beyond.

The Berbera Corridor was run by Somaliland’s Roads Authority, which received funding from the United Arab Emirates’ DP World, which is also currently expanding the Berbera Port, a $ 442 million project.

This road also known as Berbera Coridor, aims to make Berbera Port an international and regional hub, as well as an Economic Free Zone that can meet the broader needs of the region’s landlocked nations like Ethiopia, South Sudan and so on.

Somaliland’s agreement with DP World has sparked a legal and diplomatic dispute, with the Somali Federal Government accusing the UAE of internal interference, resulting in a misunderstanding and diplomatic spat between the two countries.

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