The bodies of 8 young Somali men were dumped near Balcad


(Balcad) 28 May 2020 – Reports from Balcad district in Middle Shabelle region say that the bodies of 8 young men have been recovered from the town of Gololley.

The youths, some of whom were employees at a local health center, were abducted by gunmen yesterday but their bodies were dumped on the street today.

Residents said these individuals were abducted by five masked men yesterday and it is believed they were also killed sometime yesterday.

The bodies of the youths who were recovered in Gololley include two of the prominent young men in the district of Balcad, named Abdirizak Abdullahi Qobley and Omar Huuti Filfil.

It is not immediately clear the cause of this shocking incident, and who is really behind the kidnapping and killing of young people as now one claiming responsibility as of yet.

Hadalsame Media

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