UN, EU and African Union call for collaboration to achieve universal vote in 2020


(Mogadishu) 11 Dec 2019 – The UN, EU and the African Union have called for collaborative efforts between the Federal Government and Federal Member States in Somalia to realise universal elections in Somalia.

Speaking on behalf of the two blocs and the regional body IGAD in Baidoa, UN head in Somalia James Swan said the realization of the 2020 milestone called for efforts among stakeholders wiwht the leader from the two levels of government.

“Achieving these will require the active collaboration of all Somali stakeholders, and it will particularly need the leadership of the Federal Government and the Federal Member States,” said Swan. “In order to address these issues, we encourage all stakeholders to engage in dialogue with one another – this includes federal and state authorities, civil society and the people of Somalia.”

The UN chief also noted 2020 was a pivotal moment for Somalia when a number of key national processes should be concluded. These include setting the foundations for one-person-one vote, continued fight against Al-Shabaab and paving the way for debt relief in Somalia.

The Lower House is currently debating the Elections Bill which is proposing a winner takes all formula others, First-Past the Post (FPTP) model in election of parliamentarians.

While in Baidoa, the delegation met with SWS’ President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed ‘Laftagareen,’ local elders and representatives from civil society to help better understand the opportunities and challenges to implementation of the various national process set for 2020.

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