We say no to Kenya’s Expansionist Ambition in Jubaland


(Hadalsame) 25 Sebt 2019 – Jubaland Federal State of Somalia is made of the regions of Gedo, Lower and Upper Juba. Mr. Madobe, a former Al-Shabab leader turned politician was installed as the president of Jubaland by the TPLF of Ethiopia and the Kenyan government to help them realize their ultimate interest in the region and broader Somalia.   Kenya has been trying to destabilize Somalia for sometimes. It invaded Somalia in 2011 with the premises that it wants to set up a buffer zone for its fight against Al-Shabab despite a strong opposition from the Somali transitional government led by President Sheikh Sharif.

Right at the inception of Jubaland, Mr. Madobe seized the regional state as his own property. He decides who should be part of his administration and who should not. The grievances of most tribes in the region are well-acknowledged and have long refused to endorse him as their legitimate leader.

Again in this recent election he did manage to do the same thing as he did in the past. By declaring allegiance to Kenya, he positioned himself as a candidate with the ultimate power.  He then hand- picked the MPs of the regional parliament, and crowned himself as the president of the Jubaland Regional State of Somalia disregarding International Community’s call for inclusivity, and transparency.

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) has always maintained that it wants transparency, inclusiveness and fair election and is unwilling to entertain a warlord for political gains.

After nearly 30 years since the fall of the central government of Somalia, it is idiocy to allow political representations of Somali constituencies in Jubaland solely decided by Madobe. People are seeking free and fair election; it is as simple as that.

Evidence of Kenya’s meddling

Kenya’s most prominent Journals, such as the Daily Nation and the Standard became the mouth piece of Mr. Madobe during the recent failed election and have clearly voiced the position of their country and why Jubaland is important for Kenya’s future expansion.  On Wednesday August 21, 2019 Kenya criticizes UN for ‘insensitive’ demands on Jubbaland poll agency.  Also, two days prior to the election, Kenya defense forces imposed an air, land and sea blockade to Kismayo, a move confirmed and broadcasted by the regional administration. On Friday August 23, 2019, Kenya was the only country to congratulate Madobe for illegally declaring himself the winner of Jubbaland election. These are clear evidence of Kenya’s interferences on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia.

Supporters of Kenya’s ambition

Despite the FGS endeavor to protect its territorial integrity, there are elements who favor the destruction and the colonization of our nation.  Impulsive fools who have no allegiance for Somalia, such as Mr. Faisal Roble stood openly to defend Kenya’s illegal occupation of Jubaland. Mr. Roble, a controversial figure from Jigjiga (Ethiopia) is well known in the social media for clannish and inflammatory comments.   His recent article in Wardheernews alleges President Farmajo of intervening in Jubaland elections, blames the international community and totally discounts Kenya and other foreign interferences in Jubaland election.  He clearly forgets that President Farmajo is the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia and has a constitutional mandate to defend Somalia from external enemies. The President is the head of the State and exercises several competences including legislative oversight, and chief of the armed forces.  The FGS decision to divert to Mogadishu all flights going to Kismayo is the right step in mitigating Kenya and UAE meddling in Jubaland.

In all federal countries, there is a natural division of power between the federal government and the state government. National affairs are handled by the federal government, and local affairs are handled by local governments. Hence, the government has a full responsibility to screen who is coming inside its national territory. And because of the refusal of Jubaland administration to work with the FGS and share intelligence information, the only option left was to divert all flights to Mogadishu for immigration and security screening.  This regulation is in our national interest and should be applauded.

Backing of Madobe is equivalent to assisting Kenya’s dream of annexing Jubaland. Sheikh Sharif, former President’s recent attempt to boost Madobe’s illegal election is a shame to his legacy.   As a former statesman, he should act as the elder of this nation and should be the one strictly adhering to the principles of good governance. He should be the man spearheading the political reconciliation process and shy away of being a spoiler of peace and stability. Regrettably, he is now inciting violence. What a terrible legacy?

Political opportunism is an act of a human nature, and could be a fair game when there is no national interest at stake. The lack of a sense of patriotism is persistently keeping the country apart.  Cherry picking politics of self-interest and the use of politics for personal gains are key factors appealing foreign interferences.

The FGS is embarked in building quality institutions and good governance that will steer its economic growth and development, improve people’s lives, ensure efficient and fair resource allocation, and transparent judicial system with checks and balances that foster accountability, and government structure that works properly as well as democratic processes that meets the international standard.  This country must go forward because we cannot afford to continue stealing the future of the young generation. They deserve a better future. Anyone attempting to drain the hope and aspiration of the youth should not be tolerated. The FGS deserves unconditional support for its effort to liberate this country from the bad guys who insists keeping this country in a political morass.  We should not allow political quagmire to impede government performance and we say no to Kenya’s expansionist ambition.

Dr. Naima Osman
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